Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a leading cause of death and disability in both children and adults. TBI is complex as it involves injury to multiple brain areas caused by both the initial injury and secondary events.The most persistent effects of TBI are cognitive and behavioral, they can turn a persons world upside down and make a mundane task or a simple conversation impossible to handle.

Although recovery follows TBI the treatment and the results from treatment vary wildly and it is difficult to draw parallels between any two patients concussions or their rehabilitation. It is only in recent years that science and awareness have been able to plow through and begin to discover diagnosis and treatment options for this life crippling injury.

This site has been created to explain what TBI is, how is presents its self and what are some treatments used out there. It exists because recently there is a ton of papers coming out but its hard to get to the route or the main findings that pertain to everyday people. Also, because of my interest in concussions or mild TBI as well as how they effect emotions and a persons ability to regulate their emotions you will find a lot of specific information tailoring to this topic. Finally if there is anything in the recent news , such as sports concussions, that I think people will find interesting and useful I will sum it up, add it in and try and bring in some recent research papers to go along with the article!

I do a lot of reading through various papers and I will try and attach them to all my posts but if you have any questions of where I am getting my information don’t hesitate to ask!


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